Shipping of Cellular phones and Internet devices

Estimated shipping times of cellular phones and internet devices to the Northern Territories (Northwest, Yukon and Nunavut Territories) is 14 days.

Shipping times may vary depending on the shipping destination and the shipping method selected. Please note that for any reason due to circumstances beyond our control shipping may be delayed (inclement weather, lost or stolen packages etc.). Other charges may apply. Shipping costs are subject to changes based on delivery address and shipping method. Northern Territories are subject to different shipping times from other provinces due to logistic limitations.

Delivery of Prepaid Cards (ie. PIN) for cellular and internet services

Delivery of the prepaid PIN is done via email. It will be delivered to the same email that you have on your account for the purchase of the service. Typically, the emails are sent within 15 minutes of the purchase, but in certain cases the delay can be as much as 24 hours depending on the response from the payment gateways.

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Lynx Mobility is Canada's first nationwide cellular service provider co-owned by an Aboriginal partner and dedicated to serving remote communities across Canada.

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