Lynx Mobility: Cellular services for the North of Canada

There are key challenges in providing cell phone services in remote and sparsely-populated regions of Canada (such as construction camps, mining camps, and search & rescue camps), and to date, an estimated 2 million Canadians still do not have any access to the service in the north. 

This situation is particularly acute in communities in the northern and remote regions of Canada, as the costs of extending cell phone coverage to these areas have, until now, been thought to exceed the revenues resulting from such an extension. That is where Lynx Mobility comes in to offer cellular services to these remote areas of Northern Canada.

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Know more about MyAccount...

My Account is our new billing platform, and it is to be implemented throughout the Lynx Mobility Network in 2015 for both GSM and CDMA.

With My Account, you can manage your cell phone service however you prefer. If you want to change your payment method or if you want to upgrade/downgrade, you can do so by just selecting the plan that you wish to buy.

You can see your transactions at any time.         In Accounts, you can manage each phone number under your name individually.         You can add your payment details and top up online, and even schedule automatic payments so you're never disconnected.         You can see your cart before check out and make sure you are paying for what you wanted.

You can also setup your account so that it automatically deducts your monthly payments from your credit card, and that way you can have uninterrupted service for as long as you want. Also, if you travel outside the community for a long period, you can also have us stop the billing, so that you won’t be charged for the period that is not going to be used.

My Account also allows you to see the calls that have been made, incoming and outgoing. So if you want to check up on kids or just see how many minutes you have left for long distance, you only have to login and click on the Call Detail Records tab (CDR).

Please call us to know more and to inquire about MyAccount and to know when our Flat Fee services will be available in your area.

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Lynx Mobility is Canada's first nationwide cellular service provider co-owned by an Aboriginal partner and dedicated to serving remote communities across Canada.

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